Field of Dreams Horse Rescue & Adoption membership drive

By on July 4, 2009

MAPLE PARK—Field of Dreams Horse Rescue & Adoption (FODHRA) is a non-profit volunteer organization located in northern Illinois. The goal is to assist horses that are “in-between” homes become healthy in mind, body and spirit. Many of the horses come to the organization with serious health problems such as malnutrition, breathing and leg issues as well as severe arthritis. Some come from owners who can no longer provide for their care. Regardless of the reason, the cost of caring for these animals is significant.

FODHRA has many volunteers who donate their time caring for the horses. However, in order to continue these efforts, FODHRA is in need of financial assistance, as they operate solely on donations. The organization is in the process of conducting their annual membership drive. Funds raised from this drive go directly to the care of the FODHRA horses. 

To purchase a membership, visit 

With the cost of membership, you will receive a Field of Dreams car window decal, a Field of Dreams tote bag and monthly updates on the equine guests.