Letter: Getting things off his chest

By on July 2, 2009

The last thing this town needs is another bar, bank, pizza place, hair cuttery—too many of the same thing here.

What the village really needs to do is attract something useful to the area, and for years I have been saying, “Let’s get a hardware store.” I really don’t care what it is, just get one.

I’m getting darn tired of having to drive to St. Charles or Batavia for a box of screws, lumber, nails and so on. I have talked to many others that would also like a hardware store.

It’s a darn shame the Northern FS went under and Ace didn’t step in. Then they tear it down and build another bank! How many banks or bars does a small town need?

We need something more useful in this town than more bars and banks and pizza places, and a hardware store would be just wonderful.

We also need something for these kids to do, but nothing ever came from this, either.

I have been wondering why we have none of the following: skate park, community pool, park district?

Summer is here, and kids roam all over the place with nothing to do except roam up and down the streets. Is it their fault? Not really.

There are no jobs in this town for them to apply at.

Then there’s the roads on the south side, and that horrible train crossing with the big, deep dip at South First Street—I was wondering where to send the bill for my broken front-end suspension repairs for my car—to Elburn or the Union Pacific Railroad? I’d say Elburn, as U.P. already told me it wasn’t their problem.

Then there’s the police force—why the heck do we need SUV’s to write tickets in? Is it maybe to give yuppie violators a more comfortable ride to jail? I see no need for them. They suck gas, and how many tickets do we have to write up to pay for them and the fuel they use? Taxes are high enough already.

Heck, you have to call 911 to file a complaint to say a dog is crapping in your yard or something that petty, and when the cops do get there from whatever gas station they have been sitting at, Kane County comes with them, seeing as they have no jurisdiction half the time in parts of this town, so half of the arrests can be made by bicycle, saving the tax payers a ton of money—looks like half the force could use some exercise anyway. Get rid of the SUV’s! We don’t need them!

Looking at all the vehicles at the police station, you would think you were in a town as big as St. Charles, and with that said, we could probably use a 24-hour on-call person to answer the phone at the police station when there are minor disturbances, instead of driving the 911 dispatch nuts with non-emergency calls.

This town has issues, and they need to be addressed. Let’s see what the new village government can do—I’ll give you some time to adjust first.

It would be nice if there was an e-mail address for the new mayor to address concerns. As of last week, there was nothing.

It’s been a while since I’ve written and had to get some of this off my chest—and I’m sure this won’t be the last time, either.

There is plenty I have to say, but enough for now.

Joe Gallagher


  1. puzzledagain

    July 3, 2009 at 5:57 AM

    I agree with you Joe, why another bar? The mayor will profit from this decision since its at his old place of business.

  2. informed

    July 15, 2009 at 8:17 AM

    The mayor’s email is danderson@elburn.il.us. A simple call to the Village Hall got me that information. He loves to hear from residents, feel free.

    So Joe, you have a lot of complaints and don’t offer one solution. What do YOU plan to do about the lack of a hardware store. Were you at the Village Board meetings when the liquor permits for the new restaraunts were discussed to voice your opinion? Skate park, community pool, park district? What have you done to help those ideas along?

    Step up.

  3. GIJOE

    July 22, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    To Step up,
    I would love to have more time in my life to attend meetings, listen in on all that’s going on in this town, but I don’t have a job where I can commit myself to anyone or anything due to the hours I work, I have to be at my job when they need me here in addition to the hours that are set already for me, I am in management, and we need to keep the farmers, construction workers and the average consumer going.
    Other wise I’d make all the meetings, post my concerns there and add my 2 cents during those meetings but I have a family of 5 to support and for now, working is all I do and am really happy to be working.
    So I use the paper to get my point across or points and concerns.
    All these concerns I had where voiced along time ago during Jim Willeys time in office.
    Nothing was done then either.
    I think this town would benefit from a hardware store in many ways.
    It would help generate revenue, money that would have come in if the economy didn’t come to a grinding stop. instead now the village will get it from the average home owners in the form of higher water bills and other things.Or streets have gone to crap in the mean time and wonder where the money will come from to fix them.
    I am all for bringing in useful business to the village, not another bar.
    If you go to the Jewel at night you will find teenage kids that are perfectly able to work, but do not because there are no jobs, another good reason to bring in more business.
    Now back to what am I going to do about it, What can I do about it?
    I write and hope someone will hear me and agree with my thoughts and those who have time to attend meeting can get this resolved.
    Put it like this, if I did have the time, I’d never have to write and I would have run for mayor or a seat on the board so until that happens, I will write!
    Have a good day Mr. Step up
    ps. what is it you want for this Village?