Letter: “Bridge” budget needed to get by

By on July 2, 2009

Because the General Assembly remains at a tragic budget impasse, I propose (along with other members of the Senate Republican Caucus) that we adopt a temporary “bridge” budget to last one or more months, until those who have been firmly in charge for seven years resolve their differences.

This “bridge” budget would allow state government to continue to function and help Illinois avoid the deep and devastating cuts to human service programs while legislative leaders work toward a solution to the state’s economic crisis.

The Republican Minority has made it clear that for this state to move forward, we must first pass much-needed reforms that include common sense controls on Medicaid costs, a solution to the crisis of the state’s “bankrupt” public pension systems, votes on real campaign finance and ethics reforms as proposed by the Governor’s Reform Commission, and an anti-gerrymandering amendment to encourage more fair elections in Illinois.

The Democrat Majority continues to play political games among themselves by passing a budget that dangerously and unnecessarily cuts funding for programs and providers serving our most vulnerable populations in the state. Those in control of Illinois government have already placed the most vulnerable in jeopardy, refuse to responsibly prioritize spending, ignore the need to require Washington to provide flexibility in spending the huge federal “stimulus” windfall billions, but demand that Illinois taxpayers reach deeper into their pockets to even further subsidize politicians’ addiction to money, power, waste and corruption.

A “bridge” budget represents an alternative to the irresponsible draconian cuts and devastating lay-offs in human service programs.  

Christopher J. Lauzen
State Senator
District 25