Letter: Christians in Elburn should bear responsibility for “A Day With Your Angels” event

By on July 2, 2009

The appropriate title for the event planned in Elburn should be “Spend a Day with Your Fallen Angels.” 

How sad it is to see how far we have come from the truth and how little we love the truth.  While most Americans affiliate themselves with a protestant Christian community, too many do not know what this means. 

Too many do not understand what it means to be a Christian, and do not realize the spiritual battle that is being waged in and around our lives on a daily basis, especially in these last days before Jesus returns.

Like Pastor Augustine, I am disappointed that an overtly Satanic event is being held in Elburn. I also agree that the public practice of the occult especially around young children, may not be in the best interest of the community. 

This may sound offensive to some, but communicating with the supposed dead is merely communicating with demons.

The Bible is clear, that the dead know nothing. But that is part of the problem. Instead of studying the Word of God for ourselves, too many of us take the word of others, including our priests and pastor, and do not prove it in the scriptures.

The mention of a pendulum as a tool is a dead giveaway of the practice of paganism, and it is currently a divination tool used in witchcraft, new age practice, psychics, and every other form of the occult. 

From ancient times, pagans have communicated with demons (fallen angels). With the founding of ancestor worship by Nimrod, up to our present day, every civilization of the world, except for the Jews and the early and protestant Christians, have spoken with demons.

For those who believe that mediums and fortune tellers are harmless forms of entertainment, look a little harder. At best, these occult practitioners specialize in robbing people of their time and life savings. At worst, they fill people with false hopes and false fears.

At the height of their influence, practitioners of the occult led all the nations of the earth to practice human sacrifice, telling them that it was necessary for salvation. This led to the massacre of untold numbers of children and adults.

Only the Jews and later Christians did not participate in this practice. Of course, Christians do believe in the human sacrifice of Jesus as the only one necessary for our salvation. As Christianity spread around the world, human sacrifice disappeared. Just as the truth set people of past generations free, the same truth needs to be upheld in our day so that people who are imprisoned by the lies of witches, sorcerers, mediums, new agers, and all who rely upon self instead of God, are freed from their bondage. 

It is not right to prevent the free practice of religion, unless this practice involuntarily diminishes the free will of others. On the surface, it may seem that the occult satisfies this requirement, but it inevitably results in the ruin of those who become shackled by the lies it peddles.

However, the community and especially the Christians of Elburn must bear some responsibility for this event. If significant demand for this event did not exist, it would never have been offered. This begs the question, what are protestant Christians doing in Elburn. Are they searching the scriptures? Are they witnessing to their family and neighbors? Are they educating the community regarding the biblical state of the dead, or are they also practicing pagan traditions regarding this matter?

Are they watching television shows like “Medium,” “Crossing Over” or other spiritualist propaganda? It is high time that we set the right examples in our communities so that people will not resort to lies rather than the truth.

Dr. Joseph Kim
Sugar Grove
Head Elder
North Aurora Seventh-Day Adventist Church