Village approves wind moratorium on energy

By on July 10, 2009

Officials want to study the issue for six months
by Susan O’Neill
SUGAR GROVE—The Village Board on Tuesday approved an ordinance for a six-month moratorium on windmills, wind turbines and other electricity-generating wind devices.

According to village officials, the purpose of the moratorium is not to prohibit these potential energy sources, but rather to take the time out to study the issue.

“Passing the moratorium in no way says the village is against wind-generating devices,” Village Administrator Brent Eichelberger said.

Trustee Kevin Geary had brought the matter before the board in recent meetings, due to questions from several heavy-power-using industrial businesses in the village.

With the move toward more green and sustainable energy sources, as well as a 30 percent tax credit in the recent federal stimulus package reducing the cost to implement the technology, more communities are taking a look at this issue, according to Community Development Director Rich Young.

Trustee Bob Bohler raised some concerns about the potential for excessive noise generation and other problems.

“This gets complicated really fast, and the technology keeps changing,” Bohler said.

Trustee Melisa Taylor said the issue may also be complicated due to the airport nearby.

“There is no way we can sit here and say today what may or may not be appropriate,” Eichelberger said. “We want to encourage it, but encourage it in a responsible way.”

The moratorium may be extended longer than the six months, if the Village Board determines it needs more time to study the issue.