Walgreens will be 2nd drug store for Elburn

By on July 10, 2009

Pharmacy expected to open within two months
by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—The new Walgreens in Elburn will open at the northeast corner of routes 38 and 47 sometime in August or September, company spokesman Robert Elfinger said. He said the fact that Osco is right across the street did not deter Walgreens from deciding to locate in there.

“We compete with other pharmacies, whether kitty corner or on the same block, all across the country. It’s not unusual,” he said.

Until 2007, Elburn had one drug store, Gliddons, located in downtown Elburn. Gliddons closed that year and since then, Osco has been the only pharmacy in the village.

Trustee Gordon Dierschow is excited that the village will have a second drug store, due to the sales tax it will bring and because it will be another local shopping option.

“It will have everything from soup to nuts,” Dierschow said.

Aside from pharmacy items and a drive-through lane, the store will feature a one-hour photo lab and a food section.

Walgreeens announced more than two years ago that it planned to locate in Elburn. The developer, National Shopping Plazas of Chicago, broke ground last November. The store was expected to open sooner, but Elfinger said the construction process, from obtaining permits to building, is not always predictable.

The closest Walgreens to Elburn are in Geneva, Batavia and St. Charles.