Board examines its effectiveness

By on July 16, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
The Kaneland School Board will participate in a self-evaluation process for its members to determine how the board is working as a team, define its strengths and weaknesses, and to make plans for improving its function.

The group taking part in the self-evaluation includes the board members, Kaneland School District Superintendent Charlie McCormick and Associate Superintendent Jeff Schuler. Each member will complete a survey, which will be sent to Barbara Tonie, a representative of the Illinois Association of School Boards. Tonie will facilitate the session with the group on Tuesday, Aug. 10.

Board President Lisa Wiet said the session should help the board gain clarification of a school board’s role and how it is adhering to that role.

The session will not be open to the public. The Illinois Open Meetings Act allows boards to meet in closed session for the purpose of self-evaluation when it meets with a representative of its statewide association.