Letter: A friend remembered

By on July 16, 2009

A heart attack ended the life of Joseph L. (Joe) Matalone on June 29, 2009. Joe is survived by his wife (Joyce), a son (Joe Jr.) and his family, and a daughter (Michele) and her family. Included in the Joe Jr. family is a grandson (Joe III).

I have known Joe as a political activist, project promoter and investigative photographer.

If you were a candidate supported by Joe Matalone, he would display your magnetic sign on his car, place your yard signs at many locations and distribute your political mementos to friends and acquaintances.

Joe would always help a friend in need. When I broke a bone in my knee, Joe was my driver to the surgery, doctor visits and physical therapy. I could not have survived this ordeal without the help of Joe Matalone.

A few years ago, Joe was diagnosed with dementia and now his troubled mind is at rest. I pray that a merciful God will judge him to be worthy of eternal rest and everlasting peace.

William F. Keck
Sugar Grove