Letter: Remembering Dorothy James at the sale

By on July 16, 2009

Thank you to all of our neighbors for their patience with the extra traffic during our marathon yard sale on First and Nebraska streets. We missed having Dorothy James with us this time. She always enjoyed sitting on the porch or in a shady part of the lawn greeting friends and neighbors. It was more about the friendly conversations than the sale of her merchandise. She loved a good sale, but she lived for the kind word and hugs she got from the many people she knew in and around Elburn. She will be greatly missed as a friend and neighbor.

Could the nice young woman from Elburn who agreed to purchase a glass front oak cabinet at our sale come back and pay for it? I’m sure it was an oversight. Aaron and Shane loaded it into the truck, securing it to prevent damage in transport, and then no one remembered to collect the money. Unfortunately, this cabinet belonged to a friend of ours, so the $55 is owed to him. Please contact us at (630) 365-2014.

Jim and Debbie Wilhelmi