Team Budzyn wins again

By on July 24, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
SUGAR GROVE—Branden and Ryan Budzyn enjoyed their lesson in Sugar Grove history, but it was their knowledge of navigation through longitude and latitude points that led them to the medallion.

For the past six weeks, the boys and their mom Michelle had followed the clues published in the Elburn Herald that would lead them to where the Corn Boil Medallion was hidden. This is the third year that Corn Boil Committee member Bob Carroll hid a medallion in the Sugar Grove area and created clues to lead someone to it.

They couldn’t wait to get home and open the paper to read the clues, Michelle said. The first couple of clues were more general in nature, indicating that the coin might be hidden outside the village corporate limits. The boys and their mom read the book on the history of Sugar Grove, “Sin-Qua-Sip,” to find the answer to another clue.

They learned a lot about the history of Sugar Grove, but it wasn’t until the July 16 clue that they zeroed in on the location. The seventh clue was a cryptogram that symbolized the Global Positioning System (GPS) location for the medallion, hidden in a bird house in the Sauer Family Prairie Restoration spot along Harter Road.

The Sugar Grove boys, who will enter third grade this fall, love to participate in geocaching, an outdoor activity in which players hide and seek items using navigational techniques. Their knowledge of these techniques led them off the beaten path to find the medallion.

This is Team Budzyn’s second year in a row that they found the medallion before anyone else.

“Last year they found it during a thunderstorm,” clue-creator Bob Carroll said. “They were determined.”

Last year, the boys found the medallion quickly, after only three clues. They said that Carroll should make it harder this year, and he obliged. Although it took them seven clues this year, the boys still prevailed. They are looking forward to the 25 gold coins they will each receive at the Sugar Grove Corn Boil this weekend.

Photo: Branden and Ryan Budzyn pose with the 2009 Sugar Grove Corn Boil medallion they found in a birdhouse in the Sauer Family Prairie Restoration spot along Harter Road in unincorporated Sugar Grove. This was the second year in a row the boys found the medallion. Photo by Susan O’Neill