Company wants to sell off-road, amphibious vehicles

By on July 24, 2009

Planning Commission recommends village allow zoning variance
by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Kane County Landscape Material & Supply owner Bruce Vajgert is seeking village permission to sell amphibious, off-road vehicles and display them outdoors on his business property, 817 E. Route 38, Elburn.

After a public hearing on Vajgert’s request Tuesday, the Elburn Planning Commission decided to recommend that the Village Board approve the special-use variance required for the vehicle sales on the property under the village zoning code.

Vajgert plans to display the vehicles next to an outdoor fireplace on the property, about 90 feet from Route 38, he said.

John Pattison, who lives near the company, asked about the possibility that the noise level would go up in the area from the vehicles. Vajgert said the vehicles have small, quiet motors.

Pattison also was concerned that the vehicles’ presence on the property could decrease the value of surrounding residences.

Assistant Village Administrator David Morrison said before the village granted the special use, it would make sure that the vehicles would not cause dust, tracks, vibrations or other adverse environmental effects.

Planning Commissioner Paul Molitor suggested that the village limit the number of the off-road vehicles that Vajgert could display, and the commission agreed to recommend that the Village Board allow no more than 10 parked on an impermeable surface.

Vajgert said it is unlikely that he will display more than one or two at a time of these specialty vehicles, which have four to eight wheels and cost up to $32,000.

The Village Board will vote on Vajgert’s request at a future meeting to be announced.