WCC offers TV News Camp for Kids

By on July 24, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
SUGAR GROVE—Students from sixth to eighth grade have an opportunity this summer to make their own television show at Waubonsee Community College. For two weeks, beginning Monday, July 27, students will find a story to tell, shoot their own footage, learn the important skill of computer editing, and even find themselves in front of the camera.

Everyone will have a chance to be a producer, editor and anchor, said Chris Mohr, Waubonsee’s public access production technician. The newscast will then be scheduled to air on Fox Valley Television Channel 17, with plenty of time to tell their family and friends the time slot for their program.

The class structure, which meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week, gives students the chance to go out and collect their news stories in between class times.

They will be trained how to use the equipment, including studio-quality television cameras, how to write a good story and how to get good shots. The studio work will be done in the television studio on Waubsonsee’s Sugar Grove campus, under the direction of Public Access Programming Manager Mike Rennels, an experienced television industry professional.

Rennels is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, with a degree in broadcasting. A video professional with more than 20 years experience, he also taught video production at Columbia College and the Illinois Center for Broadcasting for a number of years. He is responsible for the overall operation of FVTV, as well as teaching the Access training class.

The community college has more than 200 registered users, who use the equipment to produce shows with a wide variety of content, including history, church-related, cooking shows, and more.

This is the first time the program will be offered to young people.

“It’s a nice way to fuel that interest young,” Mohr said.