Meadowridge developers default on obligations

By on July 23, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
SUGAR GROVE—The Meadowridge Villas developers are not the only ones not living up to their obligations for further improvements in their subdivision, but they are the only ones who are not responding to the village’s attempts to reach them.

The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday approved a resolution establishing that Meadowridge Villas LLC has defaulted on their obligations, clearing the way for village staff to complete the work. The main work yet to be done involves the public streets within the subdivision.

Sugar Grove attorney Steve Andersson will contact the bond company associated with the development to demand reimbursement for the work completed.

“They will be fighting us on this,” Andersson said.

The subdivision, an age-restricted duplex development in Prestbury, was brought before the board in 2004 by John Claire, Ltd. Work on the subdivision, located on 34.5 acres between Illinois Route 56 on the east and Norris Road on the west, from Beta Drive to the Walnut Woods Subdivision, came to a halt with the housing slow-down.