Letter: So many people “looking out for us”

By on July 23, 2009

We are so fortunate to have so many people looking out for our best interests these days.

Ethan Hastert has decided we need a change. He wants to fill the seat his dad walked away from, forcing us to pay for a special election after he decided to not honor his commitment.

Bill Foster has been a refreshing change. He actually takes the time to listen to his constituents and so far, he seems thoughtful and committed. Dennis Hastert didn’t listen to anyone when he conspired with the pharmaceutical companies to force taxpayers to pay premium non-negotiable drug prices for Medicare recipients and covered up the real cost to taxpayers and his colleagues when he twisted arms to ram the bill through Congress.

Kay Hatcher has saved us all from a tax increase. We wouldn’t want to fund any of the state’s responsibilities or debt. Let’s balance the budget on the backs of the poor and disabled even though this won’t make a dent. We would all prefer to pay unlimited property taxes to fund the schools so the state doesn’t have to carry this burden. All the people about to be laid off because of unfunded state programs shouldn’t be a burden on any of the struggling taxpayers. Thank you so much Kay.

And Chris Lauzen—thanks for the “bridge” budget. Why bother to do the job right the first time when you can come up with a mediocre partial solution that really doesn’t solve anything? When you, Kay, and the rest of the do-nothing politicos are called back for yet another special session because you won’t do your jobs, I hope you’ll all fondly remember the folks you have all shafted when you get your extra check. I hope you are all at the front of the line when the state is paying its bills, because I’d hate to think that someone who really needs or deserves the money might actually get it.

Last of all, I’d like to thank Pastor Augustine and Dr. Kim for warning us about the satanic event held at the Elburn Community Center. “A Day With Your Angels” certainly sounds like a scary event. I guess it didn’t occur to either of you that if people were really concerned, they might just—uh—stay home. Occult practitioners might rob people of their time and savings, but I’ve seen churches do the same. I hope the human sacrifices were kept to a minimum at this event. We certainly wouldn’t want to attract the attention of the national media.

Robert B. Morgan