Letter: What we need in this area is jobs

By on July 23, 2009

I believe in America. I believe we can overcome almost anything, if we’re given an even playing field. I was a Republican for all but the last nine years of my life. Now I’m a Democrat. Nine years ago America voted in a team to the White House who took out our fair playing field, and tipped it to the Communist Chinese.

They put in incentives for businesses to invest money and jobs to lower the prices of goods sold here. The Communist Chinese have subsidized the manufacturing of all goods. All while the other countries in the world put tariffs in place, we did not. The tariffs put a tax on the Communist Chinese product that forces its price to be even with the lowest price for the same product made in the European Common Market or the South American Market Association. If there are no comparable products made, then the Communist Chinese are allowed to sell at whatever the market will bear. They do.

The Communist Chinese have a plan. If they eliminate all the manufacturing ability of a product, they will multiply the price to whatever they can still sell it at. That means when we have lost our ability to produce a product, they will multiply the price to sell it at whatever they can. Do you know what percentage of bullets that we are currently forced to buy from the Communist Chinese? I believe in the right to bear arms. I refuse to buy ammunition that states “made in China.”

The second thing that happened to change my mind about the Grand Old Party’s new administration was its dependence on the rich oil ministers to dictate policy here. We went to two wars, with no plans but to fight. These wars were fields filled with reservists, national guardsmen and active duty personnel dying for an oil industry filled with tribesmen seeking to conquer each other. We were whipsawed into wondering who were the good guys. Sunni-Shia-Kurds? All the while the administration was signing non-competitive contracts with their backers. Hundreds of billions of our taxpayers’ money spent with contractors in the war zone. Using contractors instead of our own troops led to a weakened American armed force. This further caused the war to seem like the lawless wild west.

Do you know that Haliburton cannot account for over $18 billion of our taxpayers money? How do you lose that much money? While this is going on, we’re going bankrupt—but, rich oil ministers saw the price of their oil triple. Remember $1.25/gallon gas? That was just before the last administration.

So I believe in a fair playing field—jobs for Americans; and no more corruption.

With that in mind, I am giving consideration to running for the Illinois House seat in the 50th District. I have brought 200 jobs to Aurora. I will continue to try to bring jobs to my district. I will fight against corruption. And I will probably be the poorest state congressperson you have ever had, because the lobbyists don’t fund an honest politician.

I have supported, and been supported, by my friend and cohort in manufacturing, the honorable Congressman Bill Foster. I also claim my friendship, support and respect for my fellow reservist, the honorable Congresswomen Linda Chapa LaVia. I also supported and worked to get re-elected my fellow survivor, the honorable Mayor Tom Weisner. With their support and the support of my family and friends, I hope to become the first majority party state representative from this district. I feel with the input from each and every one of my constituents, and the support of the majority party, I can bring jobs to the district, and will not let corruption in.

Ed Nendick
Aurora, Ill.