Editorial: Kaneville adds community festival to summer calendar

By on July 23, 2009

We are glad to see residents in the village of Kaneville planning for a community festival for the end of this summer.

According to Elburn Herald reporter Susan O’Neill’s story on page 1A, Kaneville Fest will run from Friday through Sunday, Aug. 27-29, and include a variety of activities ranging from a used book sale at the library on Friday to a softball game on Sunday.

These are the kinds of events that bring communities together, that help turn people who happen to live next to each other into true neighbors.

Kaneville has long had a history of viewing itself as a distinct community, even before the legal designation of being a “village” was made in 2007. In our communications with many then-unincorporated Kaneville Township people, they often referred to themselves as residents of the village of Kaneville.

So, their decision to incorporate merely added a legal designation and official boundary to an area within which the residents already felt that sense of belonging to the community.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the community is now coming together to celebrate that identity. We hope to see residents of Kaneville, as well as residents of the broader Kaneland community, at the event to show their support and celebrate community.