Wayside horns installed in Elburn, need final ok

By on August 7, 2009

ELBURN—In Elburn, wayside horns were installed at the Main Street and First Street crossings in July. However, trains will continue to blow their whistles when going through the village until the wayside horns are fully tested and approved by the Federal Railroad Authority (FRA) and Union Pacific railroad, Village Administrator Erin Willrett said Monday.

Village officials decided in 2008 to install the horns as the least costly safety measure allowing for the elimination, for the most part, of the train whistles heard throughout the village since locomotives started coming through in the mid 1800s.

The wayside horns will direct their sound only toward the immediate area of pedestrian and vehicular traffic near the crossings.

Photo: Wayside horns, also known as stationary horns, were installed recently at the Main Street crossing (pictured) and at the tracks on First Street in downtown Elburn. However, the horns will not begin sounding until the Federal Railroad Administration and Union Pacific railroad determine they function properly. Wayside horns’ sound is emitted directly toward pedestrian and vehicle traffic near the crossings. They are a safety measure allowing for the reduction of train whistles in the village.
Photo by Martha Quetsch