Letter: Disappointed in Fisherman’s Inn

By on August 14, 2009

We are frequent patrons of the Fisherman’s Inn in Elburn and I just want to let it be known that we were turned away on a recent Saturday evening for dinner for two because they wanted to seat tables of four or more instead.

I called ahead for reservations because we had to drive from Downers Grove to get there and was told over the phone that we did not need a reservation, we could just walk in and be seated they were not busy.

When we arrived, multiple reservations had been taken for tables of four or five in the party, so we were told to sit in the bar for 30 minutes and maybe—just maybe—they would find room later in the evening for us, but that it was not certain that a table would become available at all that evening.

I stated that we had tried to make a reservation and were told that it wasn’t necessary, that we drove a great distance and that we could clearly see empty tables directly ahead of us. “Sorry” was the reply, and out the door we went.

I have spent many lovely dinners at the Fisherman’s Inn and was dearly saddened by the hostess and managers handling of the situation (Just an FYI, we went to the Mill Race Inn located in Geneva and had a very nice meal). One would think in this economy a restaurant would be grateful someone took the time to drive a long distance to be a loyal patron.

Someone should be aware that the staff at the Fisherman’s Inn isn’t good for Elburn business. Thank you for listening,
Julie Chatton
Downers Grove, Ill.