Criminal damage to car, times 20

By on August 14, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
SUGAR GROVE–Some person or persons committed approximately 20 incidences of criminal damage to property on Arbor Avenue, Calkins Drive, Bristol Court, Chelsea Avenue, Bedford Avenue, Cross Street and Rolling Oaks Drive in Sugar Grove, the majority of which were keyed scratches to vehicles parked on the street as well as several smashed mailboxes. The incidents took place between Aug. 5 and Aug. 6.

Many of the scratches were in the form of derogatory descriptions of individuals, words unprintable in the newspaper. Some of the scratches were fairly deep, and will require the replacement of the automobile panels.

We’ve been talking to a lot of people,” Sugar Grove investigator John Sizer said. “We’ve been following up all leads.”

Sizer said on Wednesday that the police had identified a “person of interest.”

“The investigation will continue,” he said.