Helping animals more important than birthday presents for Elburn youth

By on January 30, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
Lindsey Pietras, 7, of Elburn, is an avid fan of “Animal Planet,” watching it every day to see people help animals overcome adversity.

Inspired, she recently ask her friends coming to her birthday party to bring money or supplies for the Kane County Animal Control Center instead of presents for her.

“I wanted to help the animals instead of getting toys,” Lindsey said.

At her birthday celebration Jan. 10, her guests gave her nearly $120 and lots of pet supplies including toys, eight bags of cat food, 27 cans and eight bags of dog food, chew bones and blankets.

“It felt so good,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey and her mother, Anna Pietras, dropped the money and pet supplies off Jan. 13 at the Animal Control Center, 4060 Keslinger Road.

Animal Control Center director Mary Lawrie is grateful.

“We were very thrilled to have this young lady come in. It was absolutely wonderful to receive all of those gifts,” Lawrie said.

Lawrie said the center appreciates donations like Lindsey’s, particularly during these difficult economic times, when many people are having trouble supporting their pets.

“Many of the donations of food we try to give to people so that they can keep their pets, when they are trying to pay their bills and stay in their homes,” Lawrie said.

Lindsey has several pets at her house, a beagle named Snoopy that the family obtained from the Elburn Animal Clinic; a German shepherd and a fox-hound mix dog from Anderson Animal Shelter; plus two rabbits that a friend could not keep.

Caring for her “rescue pets” at home and giving up birthday presents are just first steps for Lindsey in carrying out her life’s goal to help animals. She plans to continue collecting money and gifts for animal rescue organizations and wants to be a veterinarian or a pet groomer when she grows up.