Editorial—Community in the face of personal crisis: You can help

By on August 14, 2009

The weeks leading up to the start of school are hectic for any family. Supplies, clothes, registration forms, books, etc., have to be purchased, organized and ready to go by the start of school.

It can be enough for anyone to feel a bit overwhelmed; and we are sure there plenty of Kaneland-area families feeling that way right now, as the district gears up for the 2009-10 school year.

Now, take all of that progress amidst the chaos and throw it out the window. Imagine not only having to start that process over, but start everything—literally everything—over.

No home, no possessions, no warning.

That is precisely what happened to the Lawrence family Aug. 5 when their town home in Sugar Grove caught fire, leaving the family homeless just weeks before the family’s two children were set to start the year at Kaneland High School.

According to Sugar Grove Fire Chief Marty Kunkel, it took firefighters an hour to get the fire under control, and the family’s home was a complete loss.

Thankfully, the Lawrence family can take solace in the fact that they live in the Kaneland community. In fact, according to Elburn Herald reporter Susan O’Neill’s story, the community has already begun to step up and help out.

If you have lived or worked in our Kaneland communities for any length of time, you will know that these types of tragic circumstances fortunately happen infrequently. Yet, when they do, community members have a tendency to come together and help out. It is but one more example of the difference between a place where people live and their hometown.

While the community involvement that has occurred thus far is no doubt appreciated, the family remains without a home and in need. The Sugar Grove Castle Bank has established the Lawrence Family Benefit Fund account for donations. Deposits will be accepted at the Castle Bank at 36 E. Galena Boulevard, Sugar Grove or any Castle Bank branch. Gift cards for local department stores that will allow the family to purchase clothes and other needed items may be dropped off at the bank, as well.