Rock out at Elburn Days

By on August 19, 2009

Festival features three days of wide-ranging music
by Mike Slodki

There’s no better place to rock out in late-August than the main stage at Elburn Days.

You may even get to hear some ‘80s hits, with the overall arcing theme of the entire weekend of “celebrating 80 years of service 80’s style.”

The collective rocking begins Friday on the main stage, with the five-person band HiFi Superstar playing from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

All about the power pop and vocal harmonies, HiFi Superstar plays both original and covers, and will have just come off a performance at Blues Bar in Mount Prospect.

The band has two CDs that have been released, “New Revolution” and a self-titled effort.

From 8 to 11 p.m., the band Catfight displays its musical talent on the main state. The five-person band is not only a fixture in the Chicago area, but has also mixed it up at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Rockford’s On the Waterfront, and provides live at-bat music at Alexian Field during Thursday night home games for the Schaumburg Flyers. At Elburn Days, you can hear anything from Journey to Gnarls Barkley.

Saturday’s Main Stage action starts relatively early with the musical talent of He Said She Said. Influenced by anything from Blondie to the Beatles and featuring both male and female lead vocalists, He Said She Said is made up of Tamara, Kerry, Richard and Matthew.

From 4 to 7 p.m., Back Country Roads takes the stage with its co-ed brand of acoustic country. Based out of DeKalb, Mary Noren, Kyle Miller and Brian Miller look to sing the tunes from acts like Dierks Bentley to Miranda Lambert.

Local act Red Woody takes control on Saturday from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Now in its 10th year, “Red Woody is a high energy cover band specializing in ’70s, ’80s,’90s and ’00s radio rock hits,” according to

Playing anywhere from MVP’s Street Dance in Sycamore to Starbuster’s in DeKalb, Red Woody is made up of Matt Miller on vocals, Keith Beebe on guitar, Ron McConkey on drums, Doug Wielert on bass, John Stephenson on guitar, Stan Dembowski on guitar and Cyril Wochok on guitar.

On Sunday, the main stage will see the invasion of five-piece band Deep Six. Deep Six plays several genres of rock and even country, with hits like “Funk 49” from James Gang to “Alive” by Pearl Jam. Deep Six will also be playing Yorkville’s Hometown Fest and has also played Blarney Island in Antioch recently.

From 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, 7th Heaven takes the stage with its five-piece band capable of original or covers. Playing in its third decade, the band released “Live at Durty Nellie’s” in 2005. 7th Heaven is made up of Mark Kennetz, Richie Hofherr, Keith Semple, Nick Cox, and Michael Mooshey and are going to be fresh off a performance at Grayslake Summer Days on Saturday.

The beer garden on Sunday will feature Pete and Tim from noon to 3 p.m.

HiFi Superstar
Main Stage • Friday, Aug. 21 • 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Combining an infectious ‘70s rock vibe with crunchy, modern, pop-rock energy, HiFi Superstar has established themselves as a notable presence among Chicago’s musical skyline.

Billboard Award winners for their song, “Milk and Honey,” they know what it takes to deliver fresh originals with a vintage sound as well as old school classics that have been refreshed and packed with their own unique flavor.

HiFi Superstar is eager to bring their groovin’ style and feel-good music to a new generation.

HiFi Superstar enjoys a unique and broad appeal across generations. Playing everywhere from clubs in the city and suburbs, to community festivals, churches, schools and private events—their entertaining style, versatility and ability to engage crowds of all sizes has secured their place in the hearts of a wide-ranging fan base.

Their debut CD, “New Revolution,” featuring their song “Milk and Honey,” first opened the doors to a broader audience, grabbing them an exclusive spot on “The Great Independent Rock CD, Volume 1”. The band has also had the opportunity to open for national headlining acts, including Stryper, Cheap Trick and American Idol’s Bo Bice.

Their second CD, “HiFi Superstar,” has been described as a great example of crunchy power pop a la Cheap Trick, The Knack and contemporaries such as Rooney and Weezer. Others have noted that the power chords and smooth harmonies recall the Raspberries and Gin Blossoms. And though HiFi Superstar is known for their melodic rock sound, they are not afraid to occasionally flirt with an R&B groove or infuse a bit of funk to the mix.

Noted for their memorable musical hooks with solid vocal harmonies … in addition to a great musical performance, these guys are just fun! Their songs are upbeat and just a plain good time. Whatever vibe you get from the stage at a HiFi Superstar show, you’ll no doubt feel the passion of a band on a mission.

Some have said that we all need the positive influences we can get in the world today. Well HiFi Superstar has their sights set on bringing their jacked up, feel good, pump-your-fist-in-the-air convoy to you!

If you’re looking to inject an upbeat, fun, or positive vibe into your life … no ordinary star will do. You’ll want HiFi Superstar!
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Main Stage • Friday, Aug. 21
8 to 11 p.m.
Chicago-based, all-girl band Catfight has played the Joint in Las Vegas, opened for Snoop Dog, Tommy Lee, Styx, Night Ranger and on and on … played a multitude of festivals including Milwaukee’s Summerfest and Rockford’s On the Waterfront, colleges, weddings, mitzvah’s, private and corporate events.

There is practically nothing this band has not done and probably nothing they wouldn’t do. This high energy, fun, sassy, sexy performance is packed full of popular music from Kelly Clarkson to The Killers and will leave you wanting more, more, more! Get out to a Catfight show and enjoy the party!
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He Said She Said
Main Stage • Saturday, Aug. 22 • 1 to 3:30 p.m.
He Said She Said shows can best be described as rock solid pandemonium, designed to make you kick up your feet and party.

What exactly does that mean? For starters, HSSS features both a male and female lead vocalist, both with outstanding dynamic range and versatility. Lead vocalist Tamara Mooshey (who also sings with 7th Heaven) shows off her high energy and passionate vocal stylings through an eclectic mix of current and classic favorites; sort of Katy Perry meets Stevie Nicks combo. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kerry Ridout brings a quiet, cool persona to the mix. He has an old school rock voice that takes you back in time, resembling Paul McCartney or Elvis Costello.

The band also boasts a high power rhythm section; both add a unique feature to the band. Rock steady Bassist Richard Dirkes-Jacks contributes a high energy stage performance and he loves to provide that tasty groove that calls you to the dance floor like a moth to a flame. Drummer Matthew Koller adds a whimsical and playful approach to the HSSS line-up. Think Ringo Starr meets Animal from the Muppets.

The HSSS set list is filled with diverse songs that everyone loves, spanning from the ‘60s to today’s current hits. The band also jumps through genres with ease, playing classic rock gems like The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” to dance party hits like Dee-Lites “Groove is in the Heart” and Pink’s “So What.” The band just as easily pulls off big arena sing-alongs like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Bon Jovi’s “Living on A Prayer” with their own special style that gets the crowd to feel like they are part of the rock and roll circus that is HSSS.

Finally, the energy on stage will make it clear that this band really enjoys one another and can feed off each other. The shows aren’t staged; everything is free flowing and spontaneous, keeping each performance fresh. HSSS combines this skilled musicianship, playful sense of humor and dynamic stage show every audience deserves. Come check it out and treat yourself to a good time.
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Red Woody
Main Stage • Saturday, Aug. 22
7:30 to 11 p.m.
Red Woody is a high energy cover band specializing in ’70s, ’80s,’90s and ’00s radio rock hits. Since 1999, Red Woody has been redefining what a cover band is all about. Red Woody puts you in the front row of your favorite rock concert. Covering artists such as Journey, Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Bryan Adams, Matchbox 20, AC/DC, John Mellencamp, Counting Crows, Kid Rock, Poison, Skynyrd, Lit, Nine Days and many more. Come experience the Red Woody sensation at an upcoming performance.
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Deep Six
Main Stage
Sunday, Aug. 23
3 to 6 p.m.
DeepSix offers Chicagoland extreme musical diversity. Modern, classic & alternative rock are blended with rockin’ modern country and packaged in a dynamic stage show that gets your venue or event singing and dancing along! Tribute quality vocals and instrumentation bring the hits to life at each and every performance. Check out a show and see why this is one of Chicagoland’s fastest rising bands.
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7th Heaven
Main Stage • Sunday, Aug. 23 • 6:30 to 10 p.m.
Lifelong friends committed to leaving it all out on the stage, NTD Records recording artists 7th Heaven boasts these and other incredible accomplishments.

The lead singer, winner of the British TV version of American Idol known as Pop Stars, was brought in straight from Northern Ireland. He owns a gold disc on Jive records. The band has set attendance records at major night clubs across the tri-state region. Record sales nearing 30,000 units sold and digital offerings are available on iTUNES, Amazon, among others.

This is the premier Chicago festival act, according to prominent talent buyers in Illinois. The critically acclaimed website “Barstar” refers to 7th Heaven as one of the three best bands in Chicago.

Dead-on renditions of Def Lepard, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Journey and even U2 are delivered at a frenetic pace, driving audiences to literally be dancing in the streets. Musicianship, theatrics and that unmistakable Irish brogue fuel original songs that came straight from the radio playlist.

Are you a Cubs fan? Listen for 7th Heaven all summer long during telecasts and you will hear their current smash hit “This Summer’s Gonna Last Forever”.

This is the band your neighbors will be buzzing about for the rest of the summer. While the festivals only last a short time, for 7th Heaven’s fans old and new alike, they will remember the experience of seeing and hearing them now, because as their song says, “This Summer’s Gonna Last Forever.”
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