Letter: Elburn unfairly criticized

By on August 20, 2009

This is in regards to a Letter to the Editor titled “Please return money lost at Elburn Jewel,” that was run on Aug. 6, 2009. In that letter, a Campton Hills woman had left a blue bank bag full of checks and $3,400 in the Jewel on Aug. 4. The money she explained, was for treatment for her dog who had lymphoma. She was looking to get her money back, and rightfully so, pleading with the person who took it to return it to any bank in Elburn without prosecution. First, I hope her dog gets well. Second, I hope she gets her money back, because it was wrong for someone to take the money, period.

However, what she said in her letter was disturbing to me. She said, “I thought a little town like Elburn still had very honest and proud residents, but I was very wrong and hurt by this little town.” So, I get this from that statement—She feels that there are no honest and proud residents in Elburn currently, and that our little town hurt her and that it absolutely had to be someone from Elburn. So there are no dishonest people in Campton Hills or St. Charles? Ugh. There are unfortunately bad people everywhere. And let me get this straight, no one from anywhere else but Elburn shops at that Jewel-Osco, right? That’s funny because she was from Campton Hills shopping there. And now the general residents of Elburn are dishonest and not proud? Well, I still hope she still gets her money back, and I really do hope her dog gets treatment and gets well (I have dogs myself) but I hope she really thinks about what she said. Lumping a whole community as dishonest, especially the community I love, does not sit well with me. I think it was a pretty ignorant statement and, well, I am very sorry we didn’t live up to your expectations—it could have happened anywhere, even Campton Hills, believe or not.

Melissa Mullany