Letter: Lauzen releases constituent survey results

By on August 20, 2009

In early May, I sent a survey to my constituents, both Democrats and Republicans, to get their final advice before we voted on many issues in June and early July. More than 4,000 citizens in our area replied!

My assistant and I have made the conscious decision to save the state postage expense and to report the most interesting 12 findings through this channel of a letter to the local editor.

1. “What do you believe the state’s legislative top priority should be?” (asked to check one box only):
46.5% Budget
16.5% Jobs
14.0% Ethics
5.6% Health care
5.4% Education

2. “Do you favor (Gov. Pat Quinn’s) 50% increase in the income tax rates?”
72% No (3,071 replies)
17% Yes (745 replies)
11% Undecided (459 replies)

3. “In order to pay for a road and infrastructure construction plan, which do you prefer?”
56% Cut services (2,391 replies)
24% New gambling (1,024 replies)
15% Tax hike (628 replies)
5% Undecided (232 replies)

4. “On a scale of 1-10 (important), indicate how strongly you believe each factor has contributed to there being the same level of academic achievement over time despite increased funding?”
Lack of focus on basic, demanding curriculum (7.5 index level)
Social problems at home (7.1 index level)
Apathetic parents (7.5 index level)
Teacher’s Union influence (6.9 index level)
Ineffective expensive administration (8.2 index level)

5. “Do you believe that shifting funding for public education from local property taxes to higher state taxes will improve student academic achievement?”
73% No (3,117 replies)
12% Yes (491 replies)
15% Undecided (655 replies)

6. Should medical marijuana be legalized?
47.5% Yes (2,030 replies)
37.9% No (1,619 replies)
14.6% Undecided (624 replies)

7. “Do you support the State of Illinois requiring/providing state-run health care for all Illinois, even those who have private insurance now?”
71% No (3,050 replies)
14% Yes (606 replies)
15% Undecided (618 replies)

8. “Should voters in Republican primaries be allowed to vote for the equivalent of the board of directors for the Illinois Republican party?”
59% Yes (2,516 replies)
10% No (413 replies)
31% Undecided (1,345 replies)

9. “Should homosexual marriage be legalized?”
75% No (3,185 replies)
17% Yes (723 replies)
9% Undecided (366 replies) (note-slight rounding error)

10. “Should homosexual civil unions be legalized?”
46% No (1,983 replies)
41% Yes (1,740 replies)
13% Undecided (550 replies)

11. “On a scale of 1-10 (important), how important to you is someone’s Democrat or Republican affiliation?”
4.95 Index Level (4,187 replies)

12. “Should it be illegal for any family member of a legislator to function as a lobbyist?”
83% Yes (3,560 replies)
9% No (400 replies)
7% Undecided (316 replies) (note-slight rounding error)

I personally read each one of your responses and am deeply grateful for the time you took to guide me to serve you better.

Christopher J. Lauzen
Illinois State Senator