School District fills in administrative gaps

By on August 27, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
Interim Kaneland High School Principal Greg Fantozzi is allowed to work only 120 days during a given school year, due to his retirement contract, so district administrators addressed the ripple effect this will have by assigning additional administrative responsibilities to current staff and filling in the gaps as needed.

With Athletic Director Leigh Jaffke picking up some additional administrative responsibilities, middle school teacher Pattie Patterman will assist Jaffke with the supervision of athletic programs and contests.

District Associate Superintendent Jeff Schuler emphasized that this is a temporary seasonal assignment, and the need for the position on a permanent basis, will be evaluated at the end of the school year. The stipend for the position for the fall season is $5,200.

Interviews will be conducted for the winter and spring season once the fall season is under way, Schuler said. Patterman will continue to teach eighth grade at the middle school.

Brian Kuntsman will temporarily assist the Dean’s Office with the overflow of disciplinary issues on a part-time basis. Kuntsman will continue to teach the first section of concert choir and the Madrigals, with Brandon Staker taking over his remaining concert choir section. Staker will be paid $11,822 for the part-time position.

Kaneland High School Special Education Department Chairman Jill Maras will become the District Special Education Coordinator, a new position in which she will perform staff evaluations, attend all individual special education meetings and assist in the supervision of school activities. Maras’ salary for the 2009-10 school year will be $72,000.

Fantozzi will work full-time at the beginning of the school year, tapering down to a two or three day per-week schedule. Fantozzi will be paid a daily rate of $600 for 120 days, for a total of $72,000.