Letter: My dog—Gretel

By on September 10, 2009

You came and left—you brought so much happiness to all.

You can never know how I miss our walks through the grass.

We think you were 12 years old, but with your grease for life, you would be 6.

Now at this time I, too, have gotten older, so there will be no more wet, cold nose; will be no more dogs.

When I saw the look you gave me as you were crying out in pain, I felt I must do something—Our lives are always full of decisions—this was the most difficult I ever had. We loved you. When I saw in your last moments of life utter helplessness—I did wonder how I could do such a terrible thing.

It was the only thing we could do—It was done for your sake. Now perhaps you will be able to be with our beloved Becky, running through the grass.

Thank you for the fun you gave everyone—Rest in peace.

Go get that chipmunk.

Your eternal friend—perhaps we will meet again.

David Compton