Church changes name to reflect community focus

By on September 18, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—The Elburn church where the Rev. Gary Augustine is pastor has a new name that reflects its new direction, he said.

The former Evangelical Fellowship Church is now called Elburn Community Church.

“Our desire is to reach the community—to move toward the idea of looking at the whole community in the work the church does, taking care of people, praying for people,” Augustine said.

The church recently formed a prayer group that meets at 7 p.m. every Tuesday at the church, 506 N. Main St. Members spend about an hour praying for individuals who have asked them to, whether because they are jobless, ill or experiencing another difficulty. The group prays for anyone who asks.

“We want to let people know that whether you come to our church or not, we are available to you,” Augustine said.

Likewise, the prayer group’s membership is open to people outside the church, and new members are welcome.

Similarly, Elburn Community Church invites individuals from throughout the area, regardless of their religious affiliation, to special Sunday services it will hold in the future. Those services will focus on praying for people, too.

Augustine said he also likes the new church name because it is simpler and easier for people to pronounce and remember.