Letter: Hogfan Party update and thanks

By on September 24, 2009

Just thought I would let you know the results of Jason’s Hogfan Party on Saturday, Sept. 12. We sold 262 pigroast tickets and may have already outgrown the Moose.

Arlene Gould had amazing sides to go with a really delicious pig roast by T’s Roasting of Sugar Grove. The 30-foot dessert table was a sight to behold. I just can’t thank all of you who donated desserts. I guess people were worried that we would not have enough, so they brought four.

We had so many donations of raffles and silent auction and you could have gott en incredible deals. The Hogwheel was a major hit and we will expand that next year. We gave away a flat screen digital television, a $400 Bike from the Bike Rack, a Wii console, American Girl Doll and much, much more.

Dr. Rob Baiocchi from Ohio State University flew in for the whole event and spoke to the group about where their money was going and the lack of funding currently by the NIH. He is one of the top cancer researchers at Ohio State University Cancer Research Center in Columbus, Ohio. One person was so impressed with his talk that she immediately wrote a check for $1,000. Dr. Rob also explained how the cancer vaccine that we are supporting this year in Jason’s behalf is beginning clinical trials and in animal trials, it is preventing PTLD (the lymphoma Jason got that is caused by the Epstein Barr virus that all of us have). This is one of the worst complications of any kind of transplant, and it will hopefully be eliminated in the next couple of years. He just couldn’t thank us enought for our support.

Recently, I got an email from Dr. Mike Caligiuri, the head of all transplant centers in the United States and the Head of Ohio State University Cancer Center, and he wanted to thank us for the fundraiser and the support. He said we are in the funding that will eliminate the complication that Jason died from and that thousands will die from still this year.

Jason was there in spirit, and that contributed to the overall spirit of the event. We on the committee for this year’s Hogfan Party will have a few more of you joining us next year simply because you were so impressed with the commitment you saw from all. All of Jason’s family, friends and the committee for Friends of Jason Gould thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, donations of raffles and silent auction items, coming and sharing the time with us, and of course for your financial donations, no matter what amount.

It looks like we will have raised around $24,000 with donations still coming in every day. I had a goal of $20,000-30,000 for our first year. And we raised that in the current economy and not really having any corporate sponsors yet. Once we pay expenses, we will send a check to Ohio State University (actually we will take it out in person). We are hoping to still increase the amount we are sending and will close out this year’s event the middle of October. I know that there were some of you who were going to donate, and you still have time. We really need your support. You can donate on Jason’s website all year using PayPal or you can send checks to Sandy Gould, P.O. Box 467 Oswego, IL 60543. Checks are payable to Friends of Jason Gould Inc. Your donations are tax deductible. 100 percent of net proceeds will go to the research. I think that Ohio’s cancer research is some of the most innovative, brilliant and successful in terms of outcomes, new chemo therapies, integrative therapies in all kinds of cancer.

I hope you will consider supporting us by sending your donation in any amount. Those $10-25 contributions add up like you can’t believe. For those of you who are getting this who already contributed, you will get an official thank you letter for tax purposes, etc. from us in the next week or two.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been the most gratifying collaberative effort in the name of Jason Patrick Gould who wanted to pursue this dream himself and now we are simply fulfilling his wishes.

We are “Hogwild About a Cure.”

Sandy Gould
Committee for Friends of Jason Gould, Inc.