Elburn sells surplus vehicles online

By on September 25, 2009

Village also plans silent auction of other used equipment
by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—The village of Elburn will to try to sell many items of surplus property, a move that Village President Dave Anderson said is long overdue.

Anderson said the items could bring in money for the village instead of sitting unused after the village has replaced them or no longer needs the equipment.

“If we haven’t used something in at least a year, we should get rid of it,” Anderson said when he proposed the surplus property disposal in June.

During Monday’s Village Board meeting, trustees approved an ordinance allowing for the disposal, through online public bidding, of dozens of items including several police vehicles with high mileage, a tractor, 18 “junk” bicycles, a snow blower and a variety of public works parts and equipment.

Anderson said money from the auction sales will go into the village’s general operating fund.

The police cars, which include two Chevrolets and two Ford Crown Victorias, as well as the John Deere cab tractor, may be purchased via public auction websites including eBay and the state’s Illinois I-Bid auction service, www.ibid.illinois.gov. Village staff will set minimum bids for the items.

The village will make available for public viewing the remaining surplus property, from old motors and generators to unclaimed bikes for a period of three days (dates to be announced), with the sale prices to be determined by silent auction.

To the highest bidder
At the Village Board’s request, village staff members since June have compiled a list of equipment that they deem surplus. On Monday, the board passed an ordinance allowing for the sale of the items, including the following, through online bidding (O) and a silent auction (S) the village will hold in the future.

• One 1991 Chevrolet Scottsdale (O)
• One 1991 Chevrolet Kodiak (O)
• One 1998 Ford Crown Victoria (O)
• One 1999 Ford Crown Victoria (O)
• One 2003 Ford crown Victoria (O)
• One John Deere cab tractor (O)
• One seven-foot-wide John Deere
snow blower (S)
• One Cub Cadet tractor mower (S)
• Various motors, pumps, parts
and machines (S)

For information on how to bid on surplus items, call Village Hall at (630) 365-5060.