Letter: Impressed with Aleburn

By on October 1, 2009

The Elburn Chamber of Commerce gets a “thumbs up, five stars” for their Aleburn event.

Saturday’s event deserves special recognition. Billed as a fun afternoon for the whole family, Swing Assembly, an 11-piece band, took the prize. This band was terrific. They were brought to Elburn by none other than our famous Randy Ream; you know, our great meat market guy—Ream’s Market. Randy joined the band with his saxophone too. And Marie, the vocalist was outstanding. Marie’s words, as she sang, were actually understandable. She has great diction. None of that screeching most often heard by many modern-day vocalists. I compare her to others that have made it big; like Barbara Streisand and Diana Krall. Check this band out at www.swingassembly.com.

The event had a truck, a tractor and fire engines, all of which could be climbed on and explored by the children. They, too, had a ball.

Then there was the bags tournament enjoyed mostly by adults but engaged some teenagers too. Michael and Gina Greenen were a couples team. They looked good even if lefty Michael’s toss couldn’t find the hole in the target.

The food and drinks were outstanding. Reams again stood out with their brats and franken brats. Paisano’s, as always, had a wonderful reuben sandwich. American Legion were there to help quench ones thirst. To top it all off, there was Party Animals with their homemade desserts. If you haven’t tried their desserts, give them a try.

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon. Thank you, Elburn Chamber of Commerce. Joan and I will be anxiously waiting for the next Chamber event. The chamber’s website will be getting our attention frequently, www.Elburn.com. We think this event was the brainchild of Leslie Flint of the Elburn Herald.

Joan and Jack Hansen