Sugar Grove to receive 2009 Governor’s Home Town Award

By on October 4, 2009

SUGAR GROVE—The village of Sugar Grove announced that the village is a recipient of a 2009 Governor’s Hometown Award, for youth involvement.

The award will be presented on Thursday, Oct. 29, by Governor Quinn at an award ceremony that will honor all recipients.

Sugar Grove will receive the award for the Kaneland Alive At 25 program. Alive At 25 is the National Safety Council driver’s safety course that is mandatory for all young drivers if they have received a citation or been involved in a crash.

The Village Board felt that offering Alive at 25 could help reduce the number of incidents involving young drivers in the community. The thought behind offering the Kaneland Alive at 25 program was to be proactive with young drivers and provide them with the opportunity to attend the course without being ordered by the court system.

The board then contacted Waubonsee Community College and the Kaneland School District to inquire if they would be interested in partnering with the village of Sugar Grove.

“The Village Board and I are proud that Sugar Grove is a recipient of the prestigious Governor’s Home Town Award,” Village President Sean Michels said. “Our future lies in the hands of our children, and we are an advocate of educating our young people on the hidden hazards that come with the much sought after privilege of a driver’s license. We felt it was necessary to provide additional education on those hazards. We are grateful to all the entities that helped us in our endeavor to offer Alive at 25 to young drivers. Many thanks go to Kevin Sullivan, manager of the Waubonsee Community College Driver Safety Program, Waubonsee Community College and to the Kane County DUI Task Force for their assistance in funding this program. Without their cooperation it would not have been possible.”

“This award is given to projects that come about as a result of a volunteer effort,” village trustee Mari Johnson said. “While true volunteers did not participate, the Sugar Grove volunteering spirit was alive. The village of Sugar Grove, Waubonsee Community College and Kane County Sheriff worked together to insure that Alive At 25 was and is available to all Kaneland students. Funding is always an issue for any project, and the village determined that this effort should continue. The Kane County Sheriff committed funding to continue the provision of Alive At 25 for the 2009-10 school year.”

“Over 300 Kaneland High School students have participated in the program on a voluntary basis,” Sugar Grove Police Chief Brad Sauer said. “Sugar Grove Investigator John Sizer is the instructor of the course and is a strong advocate of the course. Investigator Sizer firmly believes that the course enlightens new drivers and gives them additional knowledge on the hazards of driving, and instills in them awareness of the consequences of their actions. Alive at 25 will help our young people to achieve long and productive lives. I am honored to have Investigator Sizer as a member of our department. I am further honored to work for a proactive Village Board that supports the endeavors of the department.”

Due to the success of the program, the Kane County Sheriff is considering implementing the program in all schools in unincorporated Kane County; the Plano School District has begun Alive At 25; and Triton College and the Joshua Project Foundation are researching how to begin the program. Additionally, The National Safety Council has expressed interest in highlighting the Kaneland Alive At 25 Program.