Batavia offers house for sale for $1

By on October 9, 2009

Batavia—The city of Batavia is seeking a buyer for the house currently located at 12 S. River St. (South Route 25) to purchase the home for $1.

The house sits on property the city purchased as a potential redevelopment site. Rather than demolish the building, city officials are offering the building for sale to the general public first. The prospective owner will be responsible for moving the house to another location.

The city is offering a 30-day window for someone to express an interest in buying the house. An additional 60 days will be granted for the prospective buyer to work out the details to have a moving company relocate the building.

Upon removal of the building, the city will grade and seed the site as there are no specific redevelopment plans at this time. If no interest is shown in purchasing the building by Nov. 1, 2009, the city will proceed with demolition of the building next spring.

Additional information on Batavia can be found on the city’s website,, or by calling the Community Development Department at (630) 454-2700.