Editorial: KHS student-athletes go ‘pink’

By on October 8, 2009

Kaneland High School student-athletes have more than mere school spirit; they have human spirit, and it will be on display at various sporting events in the coming weeks.

Current Kaneland athletes and groups will sport pink socks at upcoming events to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Linda Kelley, a KHS staff member in the school’s Athletic Department, will have approximately 100 pairs of pink socks on sale—for $4 a pair—for any Kaneland fans who wish to buy them and wear them at upcoming Kaneland events to help raise funds and awareness.

The Kaneland volleyball team will be the first to sport their socks when they face visiting Geneva on Thursday, Oct. 15. The KHS football team will don their pairs next, when they take on Geneva at home on Friday, Oct. 16. The KHS poms, band and rowdies will also show their support with their socks. Kaneland cross country will follow when both the boys and girls teams compete at the conference meet in Rochelle. Boys soccer will complete the show of KHS support for breast cancer research when they wear their socks in a regional contest.

The proceeds from the sock purchases will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Susan G. Komen fought a battle against breast cancer decades ago, and her determination to help improve the lives for other women facing the same battle inspired her sister, Nancy G. Brinker, to make a promise to do everything she could to end the need for the difficult battle that claims the lives of an estimated 40,000 women each year.

That promise turned into an organization that has invested more than $1 billion in the fight against breast cancer since the organization began in 1982.

It is a rare thing when someone can get dozens of teenagers to agree to do anything, let alone to spend money on pink socks to wear during athletic competitions.

Yet, that is precisely what happened at Kaneland, and it is clear that the school has a special group of educators, staff, and of course, students, when they all come together to show their support for a cause that may not have personally, or directly, impacted them.

Kelley will have the remaining socks for sale at the Athletic Department office until she runs out of them. We hope that every pair is sold, and every pair is worn, at each of the above-mentioned Kaneland events.

Linda Kelley can be reached at the Kaneland High School Athletic Department at (630) 365-5100, ext. 225, or by e-mail at lkelley@kaneland.org.