New American-style pub also is a wee bit Irish

By on October 14, 2009

Riley’s opens in downtown Elburn
ELBURN—Downtown Elburn’s flavor is changing, Riley’s Classic American Bar & Grill, opening this weekend at 117 Main St., as well as another pub that will open soon.

Riley’s owners, Michael and Cheryl Rafferty, remodeled the space that was formerly occupied by Emma’s Pub and Cantina.

The Raffertys are not new to the bar business, having operated the Dog & Duck Inn, a tavern in downtown St. Charles, for three years before selling it last December. Cheryl said they decided Elburn would be a good place to open a similar business, with the addition of food.

“There are not a lot of bars in Elburn; we will be just one of three,” she said. “We wanted to give people another choice of a place to go so they don’t have to drive to Geneva or St. Charles.”

Riley’s features a wide variety of classic American fare, from sandwiches to prime rib, as well as a shepherd’s pie, a traditional Irish favorite, and an all-day-every-day Irish breakfast including bangers (Irish sausages).

“We’re not going to push it, but I can’t hide the fact that I’m Irish,” said Michael, a former Dubliner with a pronounced Irish brogue.

Riley’s offers beers ranging from domestic to Irish brews such as Guinness, Newcastle and Bodington.
Seating is available for 15 people at the bar, and 25 at several tables.

In the same block as Riley’s, Kevin Schmidt of Elburn is renovating the space formerly occupied by The Grocery Store, for a bar and grill to open later in the fall.

Photo: Riley’s Classic American Bar & Grill is set to open this weekend at 117 Main St. Riley’s features a variety of American fare, from sandwiches to prime rib. Photo by Ben Draper