‘Heroes’ may be no match for economy

By on October 16, 2009

Kane county—The Red Cross Hometown Heroes Awards Breakfast may be among the newest casualties of the weak economy.

“Not unlike it has affected many, many other non-profits and churches across the country, the economy has drastically altered our ability to raise funds,” said Kay Catlin, development director for the Fox River Chapter of the American Red Cross. “Although we are mandated by the federal government to provide a variety of services, we receive no regular funding from the government. Therefore, we have to raise every cent we need for everything from lowly paperclips to a full-blown disaster response.”

One of the main ways the local chapter has been able to raise funds is through its annual Hometown Heroes Awards Breakfast. This event has been scheduled for March 12, 2010, but may be days away from being cancelled altogether.

“We have lost approximately half our major sponsors due to the economy,” Catlin said. “Although Heroes has always been a popular community event, and we need heroes now more than ever, there is still the matter of profitability for us. If we can’t raise the needed funds this way, we’re going to have to go to Plan B or risk our very viability as a Red Cross office.”

The chapter is hoping someone in the community will step up to help them cover the shortfall.

“Altogether we need to come up with another $12,500, which includes a presenting/category sponsor, two additional category sponsors, flower sponsor, and recognition sponsor. We also need a videographer who would be willing to help us shoot and edit five to six two-minute Heroes’ intro pieces to be shown at the event.”

Anyone who would like to help is urged to contact Catlin at development@foxriver.org. Potential donors can also call the Red Cross office at (630) 443-8844.