Village considers consultant for new employee handbook

By on October 14, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Elburn village officials are considering paying a consultant $6,000 to create an updated employee handbook.

Village President Dave Anderson said he proposed the new handbook because after he took office in May, he read the existing employee manual and found it to be antiquated.

Anderson said the village’s current negotiations with the new police union for a contract make the handbook revision particularly necessary.

“It’s very much time to bring it up to date,” Anderson said during the Elburn Finance Committee meeting Tuesday.

Village officials decided that Village Administrator Erin Willrett and Assistant Village Administrator David Morrison and other employees could not update the handbook.

“We thought, there are so many implications in federal and state regulations that we did not have the expertise on staff, and we should go with a consultant,” Finance Committee Chairman Jeff Walter said.

Aurora-based consulting firm Sikich provided the committee with an estimate for the employee handbook, which would incorporate new workplace legislation. After creating the new handbook, Sikich would train village department supervisors about how to use it properly and know how to proceed when an employee has a workplace concern, said a Sikich representative.
At Finance Committee members’ request, the consultant will provide samples of other employee handbooks the company has done, so that the Village Board can review them and offer feedback and suggestions for the new manual.
Employee compensation, compensation time, sexual harassment and drug testing are among issues that will be addressed in the new handbook, which village officials want to be user friendly.
“It has to be readable; it has to be understandable,” Morrison said.