Letter: Thank you for supporting Lions Candy Days

By on October 22, 2009

Thank you to everyone from Elburn, the surrounding areas and those who were just passing through, who stopped to make a donation to Lions Candy Days. Your generous donations help to fund Lions of Illinois Foundation projects as well as local charities that support our community members in need.

A special thanks to those tireless volunteers who stood at the intersections in the pouring rain on Friday and bitter cold on Saturday—Lions Greg Algrim, Phyllis Algrim, Larry Linden, Kevin Madden, Jerry Parisek, Gene Streid, Scott and Sue Karas, Michael Bendell, Uwe Rotter, Bob Thomas, Dave Pniewski; Leo Lexie Pniewski, Lions Bob Buckholder, Jerry Fitzpatrick, Tim Klomhas, Chris and Cindy Halsey, Kevin Poust, Ken Gilkey, Dr. Keith Hougas, Larry Cornell, Al and Cheryl Lee, Steve Hall, Dan Hannenman, Kyle McKittrick, Angie Callagan, Annette Siwy, Bob Britz, Dave Anderson, Linda Torres, Brandon Whildin, Kevin Olson, Nick Carter, Jerry Schmidt, Joe Kryszak, Jim Gillett, Kyle Christensen, Lester and Linda Lee, Sharon Elgar, Brad and Deb Cornell, Marlene Hewitt, Eric Kopecky.

Very special thanks to Pam Hall with help getting volunteers, and Phil Gladd for holding up his corner all day; and to anyone I forgot. All your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ron Algrim
Dana and Marcus Reczek