Letter: Knights make me proud

By on October 22, 2009

I have been a loyal follower of Kaneland Knights football for many years. I have always been proud of our teams. No matter what their record or how they played, I have always been proud of how they fought for their team and represented their school.

I have never been more proud than last Friday night. Not for what they did, but for what they wore.

Every member of the varsity and sophomore teams walked onto those fields wearing pink socks. I know it may sound funny that a bunch of big, tough football players would be wearing pink socks. That is what makes the message that much stronger.

It is my understanding that the pink socks were part of a fundraiser and an awareness campaign for breast cancer awareness. Both our teams played their hearts out, but apparently they had enough heart left to make a powerful public statement.

I had never had a family member touched by this terrible disease, but I saw the battle one of my wife’s special friends has had with this disease. I did not realize the drastic effect that this terrible disease can have on a person. This disease is no longer something someone else has. It is a disease that a very nice lady, that we know personally, has to continually struggle with. I am also aware of at least one former Kaneland football player’s mom who lost her life by this terrible disease.

Our players should walk off those fields Friday night with their heads held high, not only for their play, but the statement their pink socks made. It will always help remind me that even though I love high school football, and especially Kaneland High School football, there are probably more important battles that people face. A tip of my hat to these young men.

William T. King Jr.
Sugar Grove