Blackberry Elementary wants more crossing guards

By on October 23, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Kaneland Blackberry Elementary School officials recently asked the village of Elburn to post two more crossing guards near the school to ensure students’ safety.

“The possible new positions came from a discussion of the pedestrian and traffic flow that we have seen develop since we have opened and attempting to be proactive in providing safe routes to and from school,” Blackberry Principal Kyle Kyhns said.

Elburn Public Safety Committee members on Oct. 13 asked village Police Chief Steve Smith whether the need is critical. Smith said the school’s request has merit.

“If you sit by the grade school during the morning, you’d see how crazy things can get,” Smith said.

Currently, only one crossing guard is posted near the school, at the intersection of Patriot Parkway and South Anderson Road.

Smith said many children cross South Anderson before they get to Patriot, which poses safety hazards because of the high traffic from people going to work or dropping off their children.

It would be more logical and convenient for students who live east of South Anderson or south of Patriot to cross instead at Griffith Avenue, Smith said.

If the village agrees to add the two new guards, one would be posted at that intersection and another at Patriot Parkway and Liberty Avenue.

The Police Department would train the new crossing guards in basic vehicle and pedestrian traffic direction, and provide each with a hand-held stop sign and vest.

The village also supplies a crossing guard near John Stewart Elementary School.

The village splits the cost for the existing guards at the schools with Kaneland. For the two guards, the total cost is approximately $10,400. They work for 169 days annually and each recieve $36.96 per day.