Curtis to run for Maple Park president

By on January 9, 2009

by Lynn Meredith

The race is on for president of the Maple Park Village Board. Trustee Kathy Curtis announced her plans to run in April. In November, Village President Ross Dueringer announced that he would run for a second term.

Curtis was elected to the Village Board in 2005, serving on the Police Committee and as Financial Committee chairman.

“I’ve been contemplating running for village president for the entire four years,” Curtis said. “Over the next four years is the time for the board to organize itself and work on its vision for the future.”

Curtis wants to see the aging infrastructure of Maple Park repaired, maintained and upgraded to avoid problems with flooding, like what occurred this fall, and to repair the streets and sewers. She also wants to ensure that once repaired, the infrastructure stays well-maintained.

“I want to aggressively pursue revenue streams to repair infrastructure. I want an annual maintenance program so that it stays maintained,” Curtis said.

Curtis says that federal programs and grants are available to repair the sewer system, the water tower, streets and sidewalks. An annual maintenance program could pay for something like the water tower and its upkeep.

Curtis said the board needs to take the next four to five years, while the housing market is down, to go after funding.

“Just because the housing market dropped, we can’t stop visioning the future,” Curtis said. “Without impact fees (from subdivisions), we’re left hanging. We’re running the town on taxpayer money, and that’s only our operating expenses. We need to invest back into infrastructure.”

She wants to make sure the board acts fiscally responsibly by using tax money and not squandering cash reserves.

She also wants to encourage others to run for the Village Board.

“We need more people to come out for trustee positions. We need involvement if we’re going to go anywhere in the next 10 years,” Curtis said.