Superintendent gives his take on the decrease

By on October 23, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
KANELAND—Although the Kaneland School District has not provided formal feedback to Sugar Grove regarding its temporary developer fee reductions, Superintendent Charlie McCormick said his preference would be to get all of the municipalities together to discuss the idea of development fees in general.

“Some people are concerned about the implications of the reductions,” he said.

According to McCormick, the 35 homes involved in the decrease in fees are not covered by the 2007 intergovernmental agreement among municipalities in the Kaneland School District.

The agreement on a formula for transition fee amounts was to apply to subdivision annexation agreements entered into subsequent to the agreement. The agreement was to be in place for three years, ending in December 2010.

He downplayed any affect the temporary reduction might have on the schools, adding that the time period is limited to one year, and only applies to 35 homes.

“I don’t see this having a significant financial impact on the schools,” he said. “There is a very, very low probability that any of these homes will get built.”

McCormick said he will set a time for the municipalities to get together for a discussion on these and other issues sometime in November.