Oct. 29 Kaneland notes

By on October 29, 2009

PIE Club members leave for Denmark
PIE (Partners in International Education) Club student members with PIE club sponsors Brian Willis and Linda Kelley leave for a week in Denmark on Saturday, Oct. 31, to meet their counterparts at the Vestre Skole High School.

The students from each country will conduct presentations each has created to demonstrate what it is like to grow up in their respective homelands.

The opportunity to work with the Danish school came about when its personnel visited the New Lennox School District last fall to learn more about the U.S. educational system. The students participated in fundraising activities during the summer to pay for the trip.

Administration conducts grade distribution study
Kaneland School District Superintendent Charlie McCormick said that the next step in evaluating the current grading system is to complete a study on how the grades are distributed. McCormick said that interim principal Greg Fantozzi will obtain similar information from other schools in the area.

After this information has been gathered and evaluated, McCormick said district officials will take another look at the grading strategy.