Letter: Sharing a story about Bruce Conley

By on October 29, 2009

I was so touched by the recent Chicago Tribune article, “Caregiver accepts cancer,” that I wanted to share my story about Bruce Conley with others.

I can tell you from personal experience that Mr. Conley and his staff are amazing at helping people through rough times. I believe only a true healer could do what Mr. Conley did for me and for my family.

When I lost my own brother at a young age, it was a very confusing time for me, but Mr. Conley sat with me and explained my brother’s death to me.

I was only 10 years old, and I remember Mr. Conley getting down at my level and talking in “kid-friendly” language that I could understand. He not only spoke to me, but he demonstrated with stuffed animals how people might feel after a tragic loss. His words and actions brought me comfort as he discussed with me what my parents were not yet ready to talk about.

I would like you to know how thankful I am for Mr. Conley and his generous spirit. He is truly an amazing person.

Anna King
Sugar Grove
Freshman at Kaneland High School