Sisters set, spike on volleyball team

By on November 6, 2009

by Julia Angelotti
Kaneland Krier Reporter
Kaneland’s sophomore volleyball team is experiencing something this season that isn’t often seen on the court: two sisters, different grades, playing on the same team—Ashley and Kyle Prost.

“I was so excited when I saw Ashley’s name on the sophomore team list. I knew playing together would be super fun and that it would make our mom’s life way easier,” sophomore Kyle Prost said.

Ashley and Kyle are just a year apart in school and help each other on and off the court. Both agree that playing together is an advantage for themselves and their teammates, because they can understand each other’s feelings more and they know if their having an off day.

“I definitely feel that we push each other harder, and that I can be tougher on Ashley than I can be to the other girls on my team, since she’s my sister. I know her limits and I know how well she can do,” Kyle said.

Ashley is a freshman who got the chance to be moved up to play as a setter, and she took advantage of it. She said she loves being in every play and chooses which hitter to set up for the kill, but she promises she doesn’t give Kyle any special sets just because they’re sisters.

“As an outside hitter, it gives me so much power. I love being able to decide where to put the ball on the other side of the net. I don’t expect Ashley to set me any different than she does to any other hitter. We’re a team and we all work together,” Kyle said.

“Being on the same team has, in a way, forced us to get along. We don’t fight as much now and we practice together,” Ashley said.

Siblings’ abilities to get along varies among KHS students.

“With Kyle and I playing together, we’ve definitely learned to set an example for our younger sister Regan. I know that if I mess up in the game, Kyle will leave it on the court and she’ll help me shake it off,” Ashley said.

There’s an obvious difference between watching a volleyball game and playing it in.

“Ashley would come to my games last year, and she would watch me play, but there is definitely a big difference between watching your sister play a sport, and physically being out there playing the sport with them. It gives us a sense of each other that we never really saw before,” Kyle said.

Having sisters together has brought a new viewpoint to the team.

“As a coach, seeing two sisters interact and bring a positive influence to the team is great. It’s a new learning point for me. I’ve never coached sisters before. It’s been fun,” Drendel said.

“Volleyball bonded Ashley and I definitely, when the season ends though, I think being sisters will be a good enough bond,” Kyle said.