Letter: Children’s movie includes unexplainable images

By on November 12, 2009

Recently I took my two girls, ages 10 and 7, to see the movie “Astro Boy.” When we returned, I left my two beautiful girls with my wife to have dinner, because I felt compelled to come into my office.

I spent the next 45 minutes doing some quick and easy research about two disturbing historical figures: Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Why, you might ask, after seeing a children’s movie would I want to brush up on what I already knew about these two despicable “human” beings? There was an image of Lenin along with his name and Trotsky’s name in this film.

Well, that can be a good “teachable moment” in some movies, but in what context did these images show up in this children’s cartoon? They were in the hideout of something called the Robot Resistance Movement.

Right now, with the education of our children in the shambles that it’s in, any young American might not understand how extremely disturbing this is. I am only 39 and was about to walk out of the theater, and a part of me wishes I would have. But I couldn’t for several reasons, two of them being my children that didn’t notice and don’t understand what was on the screen. Another reason I stayed in the theater was to see if there was any more symbolism in the same vein, and thankfully there wasn’t.

For those that don’t remember, I will take an excerpt from a May 4, 1997, article by Michael McGuire of the Chicago Tribune, that ran in the Boca Raton News regarding new information that was revealed about Lenin after communism failed in Russia, and government documentation revealed more realities about the former leader who was still in a sealed sarcophagus in the middle of Red Square:

Orders given by Lenin, including directives to ‘hang without fail no fewer than 100 known Kulaks, rich men, bloodsucker;’ to shoot priests resisting seizures of church property; to shoot ‘all those who missed work’ on St. Nicholas Day in 1919; and use 10,000 bourgeoisie as a human shield, ‘placing machine guns behind them,’ in an offensive by Lenin’s Red Army … General Dmitiri Volkogoner, the late historian who once held the Soviet Union’s top political post, later wrote of Lenin as a ‘savage, cruel, uncompromising, remorseless and vengeful” leader who ordered terror, torture, violence, hostage-holding and ‘a vast array of punitive measures and propaganda on a scale never before seen in Russia or anywhere else.’”

Leon Trotsky, again for those who don’t remember, was a member of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party and later appointed the People’s Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs and thereby managing the founding of the Red Army for Lenin. He was an intellectual revolutionist who was a strong force behind the scenes before the fall of the Czars in Russia with Lenin, a strong force in the Bolshevik revolution which brought about communism.

For these two figures to be in a movie is, at best, unexplainable. I know that this occurrence has pushed me to write about this. I know that our children need to be taught about the true nature of evil and what it can do to a country and the world. The proper movie that Lenin and Trotsky belong in would be a documentary or horror story, not a children’s movie.

David Selenis
Maple Park