Maple Park’s Hallowinners

By on November 13, 2009

Maple Park—More than 200 participants gathered at the Maple Park Civic Center for the annual community costume contest on Halloween.

The event was sponsored by the Maple Park Recreation Council, Old Second Bank in Maple Park, Maple Park Lions Club and Lincoln Highway 4-H Club.

The winners in each category are under each photo. All are courtesy photos.

Infants to 3-year-olds
1st place, Brynn Humm (cupcake); 2nd place, Ryan Needham (wolf); 3rd place, Jackson and Connor McPhartlin

4 years old-kindergarten
1st place, Bella Humm (Mary Poppins); 2nd place, Victoria Alvaravo (witch); 3rd place, Parket Violett (Woody), Brandan O’Shea (Buzz)

First and second grade
1st place, Jack Miller (Einstein); 2nd place, Ava Olsen (pirate); 3rd place, Jenny Linden (ladybug)

Third and fourth grade
1st place, Jacob Baumgarten (Darth Vader); 2nd place, Tim Fillipp (Indiana Jones); 3rd place, Michael Finnan and John Paschal (gangsters)

Fifth and sixth grade
1st place, Bryan Prado (nerd); 2nd place, Mace Jendruczek (Spartan); 3rd place, Nicole Williams (spider)

Seventh and eighth grade
1st place, Brett Dienst (Michael Jackson); 2nd place, Abby Needham (Sailor); 3rd place, Ashley Larson (Army girl)

TiggerNinth grade and above
1st place, Brittany Larson (Fairy); 2nd place, Amber Pauly (Raggedy Ann); 3rd place, Tyler Fabrizius (Tigger)