Police crack down on crossing violators

By on November 14, 2009

ELBURN—The Elburn Police Department recently stepped up its enforcement of railroad crossing traffic laws with assistance from a state grant.

In October, patrols issued 24 citations including one ticket to drivers crossing the railroad tracks illegally. In previous months this year, the number of citations for this offense ranged between 3 and 14.

The offender receiving the ticket drove around the crossing gates while they were still down. The other 23 violators were given warnings after they drove across the tracks before the gates were completely up and the flashing lights had not stopped. Most of the citations were at the Main Street crossing in downtown Elburn.

A Public Education and Enforcement Research Study (PEERS) grant from the Illinois Commerce Commission is funding the extra patrol hours needed for the enhanced enforcement.

One Comment

  1. RM

    November 14, 2009 at 10:09 AM

    People cross all the time before the gates are down or the lights are off after the gates have gone up. I’ve witnessed the gates go up only to go down again because a 2nd train was coming. These people are not too bright and deserve to be fined heavily. It’s a bad accident waiting to happen. Everybody is in too much of a hurry to die these days.