Kaneville bans video gambling

By on November 13, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
KANEVILLE—The village of Kaneville at its October board meeting followed suit with Elburn in voting to ban video gambling within the village limits. The vote was unanimous.

“It’s not the proper instrument within a village to raise revenues,” Village President Bob Rodney said. “We’re not making moral decisions for anyone, but we don’t wish to encourage gambling within the village—video or otherwise.”

Elburn was the first local municipality to ban the activity in September, in response to the state’s legalization of video gambling this summer.

Under the state law enacted in July, it is now legal for bars, restaurants and clubs with liquor licenses to install up to five video poker and blackjack machines for gambling, unless a municipality votes to ban it.

The state imposes a 30 percent tax on the net income from each video gambling machine within a business. One-sixth of that tax goes to the municipality.

The villages of Sugar Grove and Maple Park have not yet addressed the issue. A Kane County task force on video gambling has recommended that the County Executive Board vote on allowing video gambling in unincorporated areas within the county.