Solving stormwater issues a top priority

By on November 13, 2009

MP village officials seek funding for expensive project
by Martha Quetsch
MAPLE PARK—Hiring a police chief, applying for grants and mitigating stormwater drainage problems still are the village officials’ top goals, Maple Park Village President Kathy Curtis said.

The Village Board held a special meeting Saturday to prioritize village projects and plan for the expenditures.

Curtis said various areas of the village have stormwater challenges of different origins, and that the board has yet to determine resolutions for the expensive project.

“The preliminary cost estimate by Baxter & Woodman (the village’s engineering firm) to fix all … was $4 million,” Curtis said.

The village will need to develop a strategy for a phased approach to the repair, she said.

Money does not exist in the village coffer to address stormwater issues, so funding will have to come from government grants, which are difficult to obtain, village officials said.

“Maple Park needs every penny it can get; we are applying for every bit of money out there that we can find,” Curtis said. “Unfortunately, Maple Park has been turned down twice now for requests for the Police Department.”

Curtis said when the village applied for a police officer payroll grant, the state awarded the funds to Rockford, Ill., instead. When the village applied for an equipment grant for police radios, Kane County was awarded the money, she added.

“Monies were awarded to communities with higher crime rates than Maple Park’s,” Curtis said.

Village officials plan to submit applications for Riverboat and Community Block grants, due in January, but they have not determined specific projects yet that would be tied to those applications, Curtis said.

The board already allocated funding for the police chief salary of $48,000 in this year’s fiscal budget. The village expects to hire a chief in December.