Letter: H1N1 rumor-mill is its own epidemic

By on November 19, 2009

I was ecstatic to see a recent editorial piece in the Elburn Herald called, “Take H1N1 seriously, but do not panic.”

Ever since the swine flu epidemic has begun, the disease itself is not the only thing that has been spreading like wildfire. Rumors about H1N1 have brought the public to hysteria, causing extreme paranoia and simply outlandish gossip.

Here at Kaneland, every person out sick has “swine flu.” Once you are absent for more than a week, you’ve died from it. And worst of all, the symptoms are ranging from a stuffy nose to serious intestinal problems, none of which are actually true.

In this editorial, the Herald discussed the actual facts, from who the vaccine is available to, to which symptoms we should look out for, to how much we should actually be worrying.

To this, the response is not to panic. The piece states that although this flu season is exceptionally worrying, every flu season should be concerning, and that each person should be correctly informed and prepared. The editorial even tells us how to stay healthy without having to carry Lysol with us at all times.

The point is that everyone, especially those whom are still under the impression that this disease can be contracted through pork products, should read this editorial. The public needs to be informed that there isn’t death waiting in every handshake, cough or sneeze.

Elaine Cannell
Kaneland High School
Krier reporter